Guitar Pedals from MusicomLab

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Controllers and Switches



The EFX MK-III by MusicomLab is a versatile and advanced floor-based switching system designed for musicians seeking precise control over their effects setup. Here are the technical specifications and features: \- The EFX MK-III is a compact and easy-to-use audio controller with 8 fully programmable loops and 4 function switches, providing extensive control over effects routing and activation. \- It offers 240 memory locations, organized as 60 banks of 4 presets, along with a global preset, allowing for a wide range of customizable configurations. \- The controller can transmit 5 MIDI Program Change messages on 5 MIDI channels and 12 MIDI Control Change messages on an appointed MIDI channel, enabling seamless integration with MIDI-compatible equipment. \- It includes a continuous controller port (XPDL) that can be programmed with designated MIDI channels and controller numbers, offering additional flexibility for expression pedal or external foot switch input. \- The EFX MK-III features a low-noise, high-quality buffer to prevent the loss of guitar signal, with the option to bypass the input buffer for Hi-Z input pedals such as Fuzzes. \- Constructed with high-quality components, including heavy-duty stomp switches and gold-plated relays, the controller is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure measuring 11"W x 5.2"D x 1.7"FH x 2.2"RH and weighing 2.6lb. \- It also includes a volume pedal insert point between effect loops 4 and 5, a mute switch to mute all outputs, and a 10-stage control for popping noise reduction. \- The EFX MK-III can be powered by 9VAC or 12~17VDC (approximately 240mA). The EFX MK-III offers musicians a comprehensive and customizable solution for managing their effects setup, with precise control, MIDI integration, and high-quality construction.