Guitar Pedals from Moollon

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Chorus and Vibrato


Overdrive and Boost

Signal Boost

The Moollon Signal Boost is a high-quality effects pedal designed to provide a natural boost without altering the tonal characteristics of the input signal. It offers up to 12 dB of boost and can be used as both a clean boost and a gain boost within the clean and cranked-up range of an amplifier. The pedal is equipped with a custom buffer circuit to minimize ground noise and electrostatic noise, ensuring a high-quality output signal. The Moollon Signal Boost can be placed either before or after drive/distortion pedals to boost gain or volume levels. It is designed to increase gain naturally without excessive distortion, even at the maximum volume level of an amplifier. The pedal features the Moollon GW 109S Buffer Circuit, which transforms the input signal into a low impedance signal under 1K ohm, minimizing ground noise, electrostatic noise, loss of treble or punch, and mechanical noise from the switch. In terms of design, the Moollon Signal Boost is meticulously crafted, with no two pedal enclosures being exactly alike. The inner components and soldering work are faultless and immaculate, reflecting the company's commitment to producing effects pedals to the highest possible standard, both sonically and visually. The pedal is straightforward to use, with a simple gain control that allows guitarists to dial in the desired amount of boost quickly and easily. When engaged, the Moollon Signal Boost effectively increases both the volume and gain of the amplifier at a smooth and steady rate, while retaining the original tone of the amp. Overall, the Moollon Signal Boost is a visually stunning and sonically impressive effects pedal that fulfills the vision of the Moollon brand. It is built to be reliable and durable, with a solid construction and impeccable inner components. The pedal has garnered positive reviews from users and is used by leading guitarists, further attesting to its quality and performance.


The Moollon Distorter is a high-quality effects pedal designed to deliver a thick and straight distortion sound with natural harmonics, reminiscent of the sound produced by cranked-up tube/non-master volume amplifiers from the 1950s and 1960s. The pedal features the following technical specifications: \- Moollon GW 109S Buffer Circuit inside \- Input Impedance: High 1M \- Output Impedance: Low 10k \- Maximum Output: 0dBm \- Maximum Gain: +42dB \- Current Draw: 13.5 mA (DC 9V) \- Controls: Volume, Tone, Dist \- In/Output Jacks: Switchcraft \- Foot Switch: Heavy Duty 3dpt \- Power Supply: 9 Volt Battery or DC Jack \- Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 45mm The Distorter's Dist, Volume, and Tone controls interact organically, resulting in an increase in treble as the distortion becomes dirtier, replicating the characteristic behavior of tube amps. Additionally, the Moollon GW 109S Buffer Circuit minimizes ground noise, electrostatic noise, and mechanical noise from the switch by transforming the input signal into a low impedance output signal. The pedal is suitable for use in various musical applications where a rich, powerful distortion effect is desired. It offers musicians the ability to achieve the distinctive sound of a cranked-up tube amp even at low volume levels, making it a versatile tool for both studio recording and live performances.