Guitar Pedals from Mattoverse Electronics

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Chorus and Vibrato


Electronics Swell Delay

The Mattoverse Electronics Swell Delay is an analog-sounding digital delay pedal with a unique foot-controllable swell feature. The pedal offers a maximum delay time of 500-600ms before noise, and it features true bypass and Neutrik jacks. The enclosure dimensions are 4.67″ x 3.68″ x 1.39″, making it a compact and pedalboard-friendly unit. The Swell Delay pedal provides expressive control over the delay effect, allowing for dynamic and textural swells and sustains. The controls on the pedal include Delay Time, Repeats, Mix, and Swell Rate, which determines the speed of the swell effect. It is designed to work effectively with guitar, bass, synthesizers, and drum machines. The Swell Delay pedal is powered by a standard center-pin negative 9VDC power supply (not included). It is suitable for musicians and sound enthusiasts looking to add expressive and dynamic delay effects to their performances or recordings.

Warble Swell Echo

The Warble Swell Echo by Mattoverse Electronics is a dynamic digital echo pedal with an expressive foot-controllable Swell feature. It is designed to work effectively with guitar, bass, synthesizers, and drum machines. The pedal features controls for Time, Repeats, Mix, and Swell. The clean delay time limit is approximately 500-600ms, with a maximum delay time of around 800ms at the expense of some additional noise. The pedal is true bypass and features top-mounted jacks. It requires a standard center-pin negative 9VDC power supply (not included). The enclosure dimensions are 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39". The Swell Echo is known for providing clean echo/delay times up to about 500ms and then noisier analog-esque delay times of up to approximately 800ms with modulation that ranges from subtle tape-like flutters to seasick warbles. The pedal is available in various colors such as pink, blue, and black. The Swell Echo is designed to inspire creativity and offers a unique and expressive echo effect for musicians and sound enthusiasts.


Noise Generators