Guitar Pedals from Lastgasp Art Laboratories

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The THUNDER BOX by Lastgasp Art Laboratories, also known as the Donsharizer, is an effect pedal designed to produce the "Donshari" sound. The term "Donshari" originates from Japanese slang, representing a combination of "don," signifying a low sound, and "shari," representing a high sound. The pedal selectively boosts only low and high frequencies, allowing for powerful enhancement of the sound without passing unwanted frequencies through the circuit. Key Features: \- Controls: The pedal features two main controls, "level" and "donshari." The "level" control manages the overall output level when the effect is engaged, while the "donshari" control adjusts the treble and bass boost, enabling users to achieve powerful sounds with a single control. \- Size and Weight: The dimensions of the THUNDER BOX are 70mm (L) x 115mm (W) x 55mm (H), with a weight of 280g. \- Jacks and Switches: It includes input and output jacks, as well as an on/off switch. \- Power Options: The pedal can be powered by a 006P battery or an AC adapter (DC9V "barrel" type tip negative). Use Cases: \- Electric Guitarists: Recommended for electric guitarists seeking to achieve the distinctive "Donshari" sound. \- Musicians and Noisicans: Suitable for musicians or noisicans using a contact microphone. The THUNDER BOX Donsharizer is designed to offer a straightforward approach to boosting treble and bass frequencies, avoiding the influence of complex equalizers found in other effect units. This makes it an ideal choice for musicians looking to achieve a specific sound without unwanted alterations.


88 Super Oscillo Fuzz

The Lastgasp Art Laboratories 88 Super Oscillo Fuzz is a fuzz distortion pedal with an internal oscillation system that offers a wide range of distortion possibilities. The pedal features six front panel switches that can be configured to generate various oscillations, which can then be distorted and fuzzed. The design motif for this pedal is based on Japanese WW2 "Zero" fighter planes, continuing the naming traditions and designs of Japanese planes from previous models. Specifications: \- Size: 70mm x 115mm x 55mm \- Weight: 280g \- Jacks: Input, Output, CV Pedal \- Switches: On/Off, 6 toggle switches \- Controls: Level, Adjust \- Power: 9V DC The pedal also features dedicated Level and Adjust controls, allowing users to control the overall output level and tone, distortion level, or pitch of the oscillator. Additionally, it includes a CV Pedal Input for "Adjust" alterations, which can be connected to a CV pedal for control voltage adjustments. The Lastgasp Art Laboratories 88 Super Oscillo Fuzz offers true bypass and can be powered by a 9V DC power source. The current draw is less than 100mA.

Sooper Fuzz


The Octavella by Lastgasp Art Laboratories is an upper octave feedback fuzz pedal designed to produce a rich harmonic upper octave fuzz tone, often described as metallic. It offers the following features and specifications: Features: \- Level Control \- Tone Control \- Gain Control \- Feedback Control \- Bypass Footswitch Specifications: \- Dimensions (DxWxH): 70mm x 115mm x 55mm \- Weight: 280g \- Mono input and output \- Controls: Level, Tone, Gain, Feedback The pedal is characterized by its ability to internally reroute the upper octave sound back into the unit for feedback generation and self-oscillation.

Noise Generators

Octave/Pitch Shifters