Guitar Pedals from Xvive Audio

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Echo Man

The Xvive Audio Echo Man is an analog delay pedal designed by guitar effects expert Howard Davis. It is a monaural version of the Memory Analog Delay and is based on the highly successful Deluxe Memory Man. The pedal features the XVIVE Audio proprietary chip design (MN3005 BBD) and offers up to 600 milliseconds of delay time with no aliasing distortion. The Echo Man is equipped with buffered bypass with a 900K input impedance to prevent tone sucking, ensuring no loss of highs due to pickup loading. It also boasts wide bandwidth, providing good high-frequency response even at long delay settings. The pedal includes a feedback control that allows for self-oscillation if desired, as well as a blend control for adjusting the output from dry signal only to delayed signal only. Additionally, it features high-tech filtering and noise reduction circuitry, guaranteeing an excellent signal-to-noise ratio even at long delay settings. The operating instructions recommend connecting the 9VDC center negative adapter to the power in jack, the guitar or other instrument to the input, and the amplifier to the output. The modulation depth can be adjusted to achieve the desired echo effect, and the modulation switch can be set for chorus or vibrato effects. For chorus effects, the blend should be set for equal levels of dry and delayed signal, with a very short delay and high modulation depth. Feedback can be added to enhance the effect. For vibrato, the delayed signal is modulated, and the controls can be set for the desired sound. The Echo Man can also be used for reverb effects by adjusting the delay, modulation depth, blend, and feedback settings. The pedal features a true bypass footswitch, ON/OFF LED indicator, DC IN power jack, INPUT jack, OUTPUT jack, blend knob, feedback knob, time knob, modulation knob, and chorus/vibrato switch. For more detailed information, the user manual for the Xvive V21 Echoman Analog Delay pedal is available for reference.


Overdrive and Boost