Guitar Pedals from Third Man Hardware

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Plasma Coil

The Third Man Hardware Plasma Coil, a special version of the PLASMA Pedal created by Gamechanger Audio and Third Man Records, is a high-voltage distortion pedal that utilizes innovative technology to express audio signals as a series of electrical discharges. The pedal is designed to be used with guitars, bass, synthesizers, and drum machines. Key Features: \- High Voltage PLASMA Distortion circuit: Converts audio signal into a series of electrical discharges at 3.5 kV. \- ON/OFF switch: Silent footswitch for seamless operation. \- 2 EQ Controls: Allows users to boost or cut LOW and HIGH frequencies. \- Master VOLUME Knob: Cuts or boosts the Output Signal level. \- VOLTAGE Knob: Adjusts the amount of electrical current sent to the PLASMA Tube. \- EFFECT Knob: Allows selection of 1 of 6 different Special EFFECT types, including Volume Boost, Subharmonic modes, Upper Harmonic mode, and Mixed modes. \- EFFECT Footswitch: Engages the PLASMA COIL's special effect circuit. \- Effect Footswitch TOGGLE: Configures EFFECTS Footswitch as a latching ON/OFF switch or as a Momentary switch. \- 1 MONO input Jack \- PLASMA Tube: Xenon gas filling \- Power Requirements: Standard 9V DC pedal power supply with a center- negative connector, 300 mA or higher. (PLASMA COIL does not have a Battery slot) \- Power supply: Not included \- 1-year Warranty Additional Information: \- The expected life of the xenon tube is 10,000 to 70,000 hours of active playing. \- The pedal features a natural noise gate, extremely wide EQ, and unique harmonic saturation, resulting in rich and responsive attacks and screeching sharp overtones and harmonics.