Guitar Pedals from Taurus

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Bass Effects


Tux MK2

The Tux MK2 by Taurus is a compressor-limiter pedal specially designed for dynamic sound modification. It features a passive, sound-transparent optical system that is engineered not to alter the original sound, making it virtually noiseless. The pedal operates in two switch-selectable modes: 1\. Solid Mode: Provides a clean, pure sound with high dynamics and a distinctive punch. 2\. Tube Mode: Offers compression characteristic for tube design, delivering a harder compression and warmer sound. Key Features: \- Level: Overall effect volume adjustment \- Character Switch: Allows selection between Solid and Tube modes \- Compress: Compression level (ratio) adjustment \- Range: Bandwidth range of compressed sound adjustment, enabling compression across the entire band or within a limited bandwidth \- Punch: Adjusts the attack's dynamics, offering options for soft-fast attack or sharp-slow attack \- Power Supply: Voltage range of 9-12V, compatible with power supplies within this range \- Polarity Auto Detection: Allows the use of either center-positive or negative polarity on the power supply \- DC Assistant: Provides protection against signal loss, automatically switching the effect to bypass mode if disconnected or if the voltage drops below 6V Specifications: \- Dimensions: 65 x 96 x 144mm \- Weight: 0.5kg The Tux MK2 is suitable for use in various musical applications where dynamic sound modification and compression are desired, making it a versatile tool for musicians and audio professionals.


Octave/Pitch Shifters

Overdrive and Boost