Guitar Pedals from Selah Effects

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Selah Effects's guitar pedals. This catalog serves as your starting point to explore and compare all pedals crafted by Selah Effects. Designed for easy navigation, we hope you can quickly find detailed information on each pedal, including specifications, user reviews, and demo videos. Whether you're searching for the latest releases, seeking to expand your pedal collection, or exploring options for a specific sound, hopefully Stompbx can assist you in finding exactly what you need.

Controllers and Switches


Overdrive and Boost

Scarlett Love V3

The Scarlett Love V3 by Selah Effects is a versatile overdrive pedal designed with several notable features and technical specifications: \- Dimensions: 122 x 66 x 39.5mm \- Weight: 400g \- True Bypass \- 3 clipping options: TS, Plexi, and Germanium \- Germanium clipping uses NOS Russian-made diodes \- Active 3-band EQ for enhanced tonal control \- MIDI input for remote on/off and diode setting switching \- Ability to accept Control change and/or Program change via MIDI \- Gain knob for blending overdrive into the clean signal \- Provides clean boost when gain is set to zero \- Ample headroom for versatile performance \- Nigel Hendroff Signature Overdrive \- MIDI program changes support \- Ability to learn and accept custom control and program changes The Scarlett Love V3 offers a wide range of tonal possibilities, making it suitable for various musical styles and applications. Its MIDI capabilities, 3-band EQ, and multiple clipping options provide musicians with flexibility and control over their overdrive tones.

Feather Drive

The Selah Effects Feather Drive is a smooth higher gain overdrive pedal designed for guitarists. It features a three-way clipping switch that offers various clipping options, including TS, Plexi, and diode lift configurations. The pedal is designed with dimensions of 111 x 60 x 27mm and requires 9V DC Center Negative power. The standard configuration of the Feather Drive includes the aforementioned clipping options, providing guitarists with a range of tonal possibilities. The pedal is priced at $199 USD and has received positive reviews from users, highlighting its versatility and tonal quality.

Feather Drive V2

The Feather Drive V2 by Selah Effects is a versatile drive pedal with a range of tonal possibilities. It features a three-way clipping switch that utilizes various clipping options, including TS, Plexi, and diode lift. The pedal is designed to provide a smooth higher gain overdrive, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles and applications.