Guitar Pedals from Ramble FX

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Overdrive and Boost

Marvel Drive

The Marvel Drive by Ramble FX is a versatile overdrive effects pedal designed to deliver the classic rock tones associated with vintage plexi amplifiers. The pedal features unique "blended volume" controls that simulate a plexi amp with its inputs patched together, resulting in two differently voiced gain controls that can be mixed together. Key Technical Specifications: \- Circuit: 100% JFET based, with no clipping diodes or op-amps \- Input Impedance: 700kohm \- Output Impedance: ~15kohm \- Power Requirement: 9 volts DC adapter or battery \- Current Draw: 22mA ON, 14mA OFF \- Dimensions: Length 4.8", Width 2.6", Height 2.4" \- Weight: 0.8 pounds \- Bypass: Relay-based true bypass \- Additional Features: Low-noise metal film resistors, charge pump voltage doubler, Neutrik jacks, Alpha potentiometers, plexi style faceplate, Marshall knobs The Marvel Drive is equipped with an innovative dual voltage switch, allowing it to operate at 9V or 18V, providing a boost in volume and a sharper attack when set to 18V. The pedal's circuit is entirely JFET-based, replicating the touch-sensitive and dynamic response of a plexi amplifier. Overall, the Marvel Drive is designed to recreate the distinctive crunch sound of vintage 4-input Marshall amps, offering guitarists a versatile tool for achieving classic rock tones.

Marvel Drive 3

The Marvel Drive 3 by Ramble FX is a versatile overdrive effects pedal designed to deliver the classic crunch and rock tones associated with plexi amps. The pedal features unique "blended volume" controls, simulating a plexi amp with patched inputs, resulting in two differently voiced gain controls that can be mixed together. The pedal is housed in a durable enclosure made of 16-gauge cold-rolled steel, ensuring robustness and longevity. Key technical specifications include: \- Dimensions: Length: 4.45 inches, Width: 4.2 inches, Height: 2.5 inches \- Weight: 0.8 pounds \- Innovative dual voltage switch: Can turn any voltage connected (9-20V) into 9V and 18V switchable on the fly, eliminating the need for an 18V supply \- True bypass switching via a relay for crack-free operation \- Internal voltage transformer increasing the internal operating voltage to 18 volts, providing wider headroom The Marvel Drive 3 is designed to provide a wide range of tones, from low-gain AC/DC style crunch to rich overdrive, with exceptional sensitivity to guitar volume control and attack. It features controls for Volume I, Volume II, Master, and Presence, allowing for precise tonal shaping and dynamics. Overall, the Marvel Drive 3 is a high-quality overdrive effects pedal suitable for guitarists seeking to replicate the iconic tones of plexi amps in a convenient and reliable stompbox format.