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Overdrive and Boost

800 Gold Overdrive V3

The PedalPalFx 800 Gold Overdrive V3 is a meticulously crafted pedal designed to deliver the iconic tone of British amps. It is the result of extensive knowledge and experience with Marshall Amps tone, as well as the PAL 800 JCM Emulator and PAL 959 PLEXI Emulator pedals. The pedal features a three- position switch known as "Gain Voicing," which allows users to achieve different British amp gain tones. Specifications: \- Input Impedance: 1M ohm \- Power Consumption: 9VDC / 7.5mA \- Battery Type (Not Included): 9VDC (006P) \- AC Adapter (Not Included): Regulated 9VDC, 2.1mm Coax Plug - Negative Center \- True Hardwire Bypass: Yes \- Weight: 335g / 11.8 oz. without Battery \- Size: 119mm (D) x 106mm (W) x 54mm (H) The "Gain Voicing" switch affects the tone response in the gain section of the pedal, with the middle position providing the most flat response, ideal for low gain settings. The lower position offers more middle and bass response, while the upper position provides more brightness and less bass response. Each position affects the output volume level of the effect, requiring adjustment of the "Volume" knob to suit the user's preference. This pedal is meticulously handmade and tested by the founders of PedalPalFx, making it a true "Boutique Pedal." With only a few units available per month, it offers a unique and exclusive experience for users seeking the distinctive British amp tone. The pedal's design and features make it suitable for guitarists and musicians looking to replicate the classic British amp sound in a compact and versatile stompbox format.