Guitar Pedals from Paul Trombetta

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PTD Rotobone

The PTD Rotobone by Paul Trombetta is a handmade sonic art pedal designed with specific technical features and functionality. The Rotobone is built with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing point-to-point construction and graded components for accuracy. The pedal offers a vintage Germanium fuzz sound with additional features for versatility. Key Technical Specifications: \- Vintage Germanium Fuzz: The Rotobone features a vintage Germanium fuzz sound with the ability to switch to a dedicated octave up when the 8V switch is activated. \- Fat Switch: This feature adds modern girth and bounce to the bottom end while retaining a tight focus. \- Presence Switch: The presence switch provides two levels of high-end cut, offering flexibility for different tonal characteristics. \- Socketed 1.8V for Tranny Swapping: The pedal allows for easy swapping of transistors to customize the sound. \- Dual Engine Non-Inverting Booster/Overdrive: The Rotobone functions as a dual-engine non-inverting booster/overdrive suitable for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. \- Sway (Blend) Control: Users can sway between bright and normal channels to achieve the desired tonal balance. \- Hi/Lo Power Switch: The Hi/Lo power switch provides cleaner overdrive and pushes up mids, offering versatility for different playing scenarios. \- 6-Way Rotary Tunable Input and Output: This feature allows for precise tuning of input and output settings, enabling a wide range of tonal possibilities. \- Dynamic Cleanup: The pedal offers incredible dynamic cleanup at the guitar's volume knob, enhancing playability and expressiveness. \- Unique Effects: The Rotobone delivers clean boost, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, horn-like sounds, low octaves on every string, and oddball ring mod effects. The PTD Rotobone is designed to be a versatile and expressive tool for musicians, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities and dynamic responsiveness.