Guitar Pedals from Mosky Audio

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Mosky Audio's guitar pedals. This catalog serves as your starting point to explore and compare all pedals crafted by Mosky Audio. Designed for easy navigation, we hope you can quickly find detailed information on each pedal, including specifications, user reviews, and demo videos. Whether you're searching for the latest releases, seeking to expand your pedal collection, or exploring options for a specific sound, hopefully Stompbx can assist you in finding exactly what you need.



Tw Pedal

Here are the details: \- Product Name: TW Distortion \- Type: Hand-built effect pedal \- Features: The TW Distortion is designed to provide the tightest, thickest, and highest gain distortions, resembling the sound of a 5150® amp. It features a solid three-band EQ that allows users to sculpt their desired high-gain tones. The pedal offers two distinct voices, "Hard" and "Brutal," with the former providing a warmer thump high gain and the latter allowing more sparkle to creep in for a full audio spectrum feel. Additionally, the pedal includes a boost switch with a Boost Contour blend control, offering two options for solo sounds and fuzzy tones. The pedal is versatile and can be tailored to achieve a wide range of tones, from Smashing Pumpkins to Pink Floyd-esque fuzzy solo tones.

Black Rat

The Black Rat by Mosky Audio is a distortion guitar effect pedal with a true bypass switch. It features a mini size and a durable zinc-aluminium alloy body. The pedal supports classic rat distortion and T-turbo rat distortion, with a two-position switch for selecting between the two. The dimensions of the pedal are 92mm x 38mm x 36mm. The Black Rat has three control knobs: tone (filter) control, gain (distortion) control, and volume control. It also includes a true bypass switch, 100% analog signal path, and an on/off LED indicator. The power supply required is DC 9V, with a negative tip (regulated recommended). The weight of the pedal is 125g. The specifications of the Black Rat are as follows: \- Color: Black \- Material: Zinc-Aluminium Alloy \- Signal Input: 1/4" Monaural Jack \- Signal Output: 1/4" Monaural Jack \- Power Supply: 9VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended) \- Item Size: 3.5 * 9 * 3cm / 1.4 * 3.5 * 1.2in \- Item Weight: 125g / 5.2oz The Black Rat by Mosky Audio is designed to provide guitarists with versatile distortion options in a compact and durable pedal, suitable for various musical styles and performance settings.