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Multi-Effect Pedals

MOD Dwarf

The MOD Dwarf by MOD Devices is a powerful audio processor pedal designed for a wide range of musical applications. Here are the technical specifications: Dimensions: \- Length: 105 mm \- Width: 202 mm \- Height: 54 mm \- Weight: 800 grams Processor: \- RockChip PX30 CPU \- CPU family: Cortex-A35 \- Platform bit depth: 64 bit \- Cores Clock: 4 x (up to) 1.3 GHz \- Memory: 1 GB RAM \- Flash Storage: 8 GB Inputs and Outputs: Audio: \- 2x independent mono audio inputs with unbalanced asymmetrical TRS connection \- Input adjustment between -12dB and +35dB, adjustable in 0.5dB steps \- Input impedance 1 MΩ \- Cirrus Logic Audio Codec with 24 bit ADC \- 2x independent mono audio outputs with balanced symmetrical TRS connection \- Volume Control: 0dB to -127dB, adjustable in 0.5dB steps \- Cirrus Logic Audio Codec with 24 bit DAC \- Headphone output: 3.5mm TRS Stereo connection, 2x105mW @ 16 ohms, mirrors main output \- Digital volume control from -33dB to +12dB, adjustable in 3dB steps MIDI: \- MIDI IN connector - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A \- MIDI OUT connector - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A USB: \- USB Host \- Connector: Type-A \- Standard: USB 2.0 \- Maximum output current: 500mA \- USB Device \- Connector: Type-B \- Standard: USB 2.0 Device Controller: \- 2.9" LCD display \- 3 endless knobs \- 3 push buttons (backlit with color LEDs) \- 1 menu button (backlit with color LEDs) \- 3 footswitches with colored indicator LEDs Software: \- The MOD Dwarf runs the latest Operating System. Support for the MOD Dwarf was added to the MOD OS on version 1.10. The MOD Dwarf is a versatile and open-ended DSP platform suitable for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and other musicians looking to expand their sonic capabilities. With its powerful processing capabilities and extensive connectivity options, the MOD Dwarf offers a wide range of use- cases, from live performance to studio recording and everything in between.