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Overdrive and Boost




The Mastro Valvola Area Multi Reverb pedal is a versatile and feature-rich effects pedal designed to provide a wide range of reverberation environments. It offers four types of reverb: Reverb, Modulation, Shimmer 8th, and Shimmer 8th + 5th. The pedal allows for the creation of various reverberation effects, from short reverberations to huge spaces and celestial atmospheres, without clouding the dry signal. Key Features: \- Four types of reverb: Reverb, Modulation, Shimmer 8th, and Shimmer 8th + 5th \- Three presets easily managed with the preset button \- Damp control to modify the emphasis on the reverberation frequencies \- Dedicated Pre-Delay control to modify the separation between the dry and reverberated signal \- Analog mix control varying from 100% dry to 100% wet \- True-bypass with Timed Bypass System (TBS) to manage the reverb trails \- Completely analog dry signal path Specifications: \- Dimensions: 90 x 110 x 66mm / 3.54 x 4.3 x 2.5 inches \- Power Specifications: 9V DC The pedal also features the innovative "Timed Bypass System" designed by Mastro Valvola to manage the reverb trails. When Trails mode is engaged and the effect is turned off, the pedal uses the "buffered bypass," and the reverb trails die off naturally. When the reverb trails are completely dead, the pedal automatically changes the bypass system to true-bypass through the internal relay. Overall, the Mastro Valvola Area Multi Reverb pedal is a powerful and versatile tool for creating a wide range of reverberation effects, making it suitable for various musical styles and applications.