Guitar Pedals from Maneco Labs

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Stereo Fuzz

The Stereo Fuzz by Maneco Labs is a versatile fuzz device with true stereo operation and powerful tone shaping capabilities. Its main features include silicon transistors gain stage, Big Muff tone stack, and buffered clickless bypass. The pedal is designed to be bass, guitar, drum machine, and synthesizer friendly, with input gain for fine-tuning distortion quality and adapting to a wide range of input signals. It operates on a standard 9V power supply with a center tip negative. Specifications: \- True Stereo operation \- Silicon Transistors gain stage \- Big Muff tone stack \- Buffered clickless Bypass \- Input gain for fine-tuning distortion quality \- Bass, guitar, drum machine, and synthesizer friendly \- 9V standard power supply, center tip negative \- Dimensions: Not specified \- Weight: Not specified \- Input Impedance: Not specified \- Output Impedance: Not specified The pedal is housed in a solid aluminum enclosure with a firm footswitch and weighted knobs with clear indicators. It features 1/4 inch input and output connectors. The detailed operation of the pedal allows for long sustains and extra harmonic richness of a simple distortion effect while mixing in glitchy tones of an advanced Fuzz Pedal all in one package. The Tone knob allows the user to change the tone of the fuzz effect produced by the pedal, while the Volume knob controls the output from the fuzz pedal. The Sustain knob controls the sensitivity and level of distortion coming from the pedal.