Guitar Pedals from Lollygagger FX

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Overdrive and Boost


Here's the entry for the technical database publication: Product Name: Canaglia by Lollygagger FX Manufacturer: Lollygagger FX Description: The Canaglia is a boutique overdrive pedal handcrafted with original circuits and features a unique wooden enclosure. Technical Specifications: \- Technology: The Canaglia overdrive is crafted using discrete transistor technology with a meticulously tuned circuit for precise performance. \- Construction: Each Canaglia pedal is completely hand-built from start to finish with point-to-point, turret construction. \- Controls: \- POST: Adjusts the overall volume, with the character of the gain changing depending on the PRE control setting. \- GAIN: Toggleable on/off with the BYPASS switch, acts as a variable boost for adjustable and switchable sounds. \- PRE: Adjusts the amount of input gain going into the POST circuit, determining gain, feel, and tonal characteristics. \- BYPASS: Turns the GAIN control on or off. \- Power: Can use any voltage up to 18V DC, recommended range is 9V to 18V (negative tip) for optimal performance and headroom. \- Compatibility: The Canaglia overdrive is best suited for amplifiers with a slight amount of drive, such as a Deluxe Reverb or a Marshall Plexi. Use-Cases: The Canaglia overdrive is suitable for guitarists seeking a versatile and handcrafted overdrive pedal with precise control over gain and tonal characteristics. It is designed to complement amplifiers with a moderate amount of drive, offering flexibility for rhythm and lead guitar parts. Functionality: With its discrete transistor technology and meticulously tuned circuit, the Canaglia provides guitarists with a wide range of tonal possibilities, from clean bark to heavy gain, making it suitable for various musical styles and playing techniques.