Guitar Pedals from Lekato

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Loop Station

The LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Looper offers a range of features and specifications suitable for various musical applications. The pedal's technical specifications include: \- Maximum Recording Duration: 5 minutes \- Dimensions: 90mm (D) x 40mm (W) x 49.5mm (H) \- Level Knob: Controls the sound volume with the looper \- Input & Output Connector Type: Standard 1/4’’ jack-mono/TS \- Power Supply: Standard 9V DC (AU / US / UK / EU Plug, According to your choice) \- Power Input: Standard 9V DC \- USB Connector Type: Micro-B USB The pedal is designed with a solid construction, featuring an ultra-simple design and super mini size made of aluminum alloy, ensuring convenience and durability. It offers uncompressed audio with a 48K/24bit sampling rate, providing lossless, uncompressed, professional tone quality. The pedal also allows for easy import/export of music to and from a PC via USB for uploading or downloading WAV loop files and connecting external pedals. The LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Looper is highly intuitive, providing only the essential looping features, with single-knob operation setting loop playback volume. It offers 5 minutes of clear looping with unlimited overdubbing, and functions such as Record, Undo/Redo, Stop, and Erase are all accessed via different foot commands. The pedal's design and functionality make it suitable for a wide range of use- cases, from indoor exercises to live performances. It is a versatile tool for musicians seeking a compact, durable, and feature-rich looper pedal for their musical endeavors.