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The Industrialectric Incinerator is a dual-channel fuzz pedal featuring rare silicon transistors and dual chaos oscillators. It is designed to deliver a wide range of fuzz tones, from full-blown transistor fuzz to smooth fuzz, and can also be used as an overdrive and boost. The pedal contains a total of 26 transistors, with 5 of them being special rare silicon transistors that are integral to its unique sound. Key Features: \- Dual-channel fuzz pedal with 26 rare silicon transistors \- Dual chaos oscillators for extreme and unique sounds \- Two modes of oscillation for the second fuzz channel \- Transistor stage switches to access different sides of the silicon madness \- Voltage starve for channel 1 \- Separate inputs and outputs for processing the two fuzz channels \- Robust, high-quality voltage meter for channel 1 \- Robust, high-quality industrial toggle switch to power the machine \- True bypass \- 9VDC power operation \- Reverse polarity circuit protection \- Enclosure size: 7'' L x 7'' W x 2'' D The pedal is designed to offer a wide range of sonic possibilities, from textured, wild, heavy, and harsh tones to smooth and musical sounds. It provides extensive control over the input, output, voltage, oscillation range, and transistor variations, allowing musicians to sculpt their desired fuzz tones. The Incinerator is suitable for guitarists, bassists, and experimental musicians looking to explore unconventional and extreme fuzz effects. Its unique design and functionality make it a versatile tool for creating distinctive and innovative sounds in various musical genres.


The Industrialectric RM-1N is a distortion/reverb pedal designed to provide unique reverb textures suitable for ambience and drones. The pedal features a gain/distortion circuit that affects the signal going in and out of the reverb circuit with pre and post-gain control. The reverb effect includes depth and feedback controls, which define the character of the reverb, as well as level and mix to set the intensity of the effect. Additionally, it has a tone knob with a switch for high or low, providing control of the brightness of the pedal. The reverb length is controlled by a switch and goes up to infinite. The RM-1N also includes a momentary foot-switch for reverb swells and trails, and a Drone control that provides thick, chaotic, and other-worldly sounds. Specifications: \- Reverb/distortion pedal \- Distortion pre and post-reverb \- Tone knob for brightness \- Reverb length goes up to infinite \- Feedback and depth controls \- Wet/dry control \- Momentary footswitch for reverb swells \- Drone knob for chaotic sounds \- Enclosure size: 5.5'' L X 3.5'' W X 2'' D \- Powered with a standard (-9V) Boss, One Spot, adapter \- Built on a professional PCB, completely hand-made from scratch \- Reverse polarity circuit protection \- Top-mounted power and jacks

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