Guitar Pedals from HomeBrew Electronics

Welcome to your ultimate guide to HomeBrew Electronics's guitar pedals. This catalog serves as your starting point to explore and compare all pedals crafted by HomeBrew Electronics. Designed for easy navigation, we hope you can quickly find detailed information on each pedal, including specifications, user reviews, and demo videos. Whether you're searching for the latest releases, seeking to expand your pedal collection, or exploring options for a specific sound, hopefully Stompbx can assist you in finding exactly what you need.

Bass Effects



Overdrive and Boost

HBE Power Screamer

The HBE Power Screamer by HomeBrew Electronics is an overdrive pedal featuring the original JRC 4558 IC. It offers a versatile range of overdrive sounds and is designed to be run into a tube amp for optimal performance. The pedal includes adjustable gain, level, and tone controls, as well as a three-way diode selector for a wide palette of tonal options. Additionally, it is equipped with a foot-switchable 10dB volume boost, providing extra flexibility for different playing scenarios. The Power Screamer is built with true hardwire bypass and two levels of drive, allowing for precise tonal control. It is not rack-mountable and requires standard nine-volt power with 1/4" connections for input and output. The pedal is known for its transparent, no mid-hump, and high-gain output, making it a versatile tool for guitarists seeking a wide range of overdrive tones.


The DOS MOS is a brand new Dual Mosfet Preamp with 2 independent outputs, capable of up to 25 dB of gain per channel. It is switchable, allowing it to be run as a single-channel preamp with an adjustable boost. The "Uno" channel may also be used as a buffer. This pedal is described as a great clean boost, but it is also capable of driving any amp into saturation.


The Germania by HomeBrew Electronics is a versatile overdrive pedal designed to deliver a wide range of classic and modern overdrive tones. It features the following technical specifications and details: 1\. Design: \- The Germania pedal is housed in a rugged and compact enclosure, making it suitable for both stage and studio use. \- It features high-quality components and a durable construction to ensure reliability and longevity. 2\. Features: \- The pedal offers a wide gain range, allowing users to achieve anything from a clean boost to a thick, saturated overdrive. \- It is equipped with intuitive controls for gain, tone, and volume, providing precise tonal shaping and level adjustments. \- The Germania pedal also features true bypass switching, minimizing signal loss when the effect is disengaged. 3\. Use-Cases: \- The pedal is suitable for guitarists and bassists looking to add warmth, grit, and character to their tone. \- It can be used in various musical genres, including rock, blues, pop, and more, making it a versatile tool for musicians. 4\. Functionality: \- The Germania pedal is designed to interact well with different types of amplifiers and other effects, allowing for seamless integration into existing setups. \- Its responsive nature and dynamic range make it suitable for both rhythm and lead playing, offering musical and expressive overdrive tones.

HBE Uno Mos

The HBE Uno Mos by HomeBrew Electronics is a single-channel MosFET preamp capable of providing up to 30dB of boost. It features controls for gain and level, allowing for variable gain adjustment from -10dB to +30dB. The pedal is designed to be used with an instrument input and an output to the amplifier. It is powered by a 9VDC jack, compatible with a -(Negative) center, 9VDC, filtered, and regulated power supply. The Uno Mos is a high-gain preamp/booster designed for guitar use, offering the capability to produce up to 30dB of boost. It is suitable for achieving clean boost tones and can be used to push the amplifier into overdrive for a more saturated sound.

Bajo Mos