Guitar Pedals from Function f(x)

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The Clusterfuzz by Function f(x) is a versatile and powerful fuzz pedal designed to deliver a wide range of fuzz tones. Here are the technical specifications and features: \- Three clipping options for different saturation levels: No diode clipping, LED, and silicon diodes \- Volume, Tone, and Fuzz knobs for precise tone shaping \- An “8-Bit/24-bit” switch to toggle between tight fuzz and square-wave velcro sounds \- Input impedance: ~300K (works with buffers) \- Soft-touch (true) bypass for seamless integration into pedalboards \- Top-mounted jacks for convenient pedalboard placement \- Laser-etched artwork for a visually appealing design \- 9v DC operation with an industry-standard power requirement \- Current draw: 20mA (10mA when bypassed) \- Enclosure size: 4.78″ x 2.61″ x 1.6″ (12.14 x 6.63 x 4.05 cm) \- Weight: 10 oz (283 g) The pedal features a robust construction and utilizes high-quality components to ensure trouble-free operation. It incorporates two silicon transistors, offering a ferocious fuzz with remarkable range. The Clusterfuzz also includes a versatile tone control and a filter toggle to customize the tonal characteristics. Additionally, it offers a five-way switch for selecting from four different diode combinations, plus a no-diode setting, providing a wide variety of tonal options. The Clusterfuzz is known for its unvarnished aggression and remarkable tonal range, making it suitable for modern players seeking raunchy square-wave fuzz tones. It is a tweaker's delight, capable of delivering medium-gain overdrive up to raunchy square-wave fuzz tones, and it is designed to be a versatile tool for creative expression in various musical contexts.

Overdrive and Boost

Third Rail

The Third Rail by Function f(x) is a dual overdrive pedal designed to deliver a wide range of compression, saturation, and touch sensitivity for modern players. It features two independent discrete overdrives utilizing modern NPN transistors, providing versatility and control over the tone. Each channel includes volume, tone, and gain controls, allowing precise customization of the overdrive effect. Key features of the Third Rail include: \- Independent two-channel discrete overdrive \- Volume, tone, and gain controls for each channel \- Choice of diode clipping on each channel (Schottky, no diodes, or silicon diode clipping) \- Bass cut switch on the right channel \- High gain switch on the left channel \- Soft touch (true) bypass with a choice of three bypass modes \- Top-mounted jacks for convenient pedalboard integration \- Laser-etched artwork for a visually appealing design \- 9V DC operation with an industry-standard power requirement \- Current draw of 35mA (20mA when bypassed) \- Compact dimensions: 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.4″ The pedal offers flexibility in use, allowing each channel to be run independently or in series. Users can choose a single channel for rhythm playing or low gain leads, or engage both channels for high gain saturation and compression. Additionally, the Third Rail provides three bypass modes to choose from: one channel on at a time, toggle between each channel, or switch both channels on at once, with a momentary bypass on the second footswitch for stutter effects. The Third Rail is designed to remember the preferred bypass mode even if the power supply is unplugged, ensuring a seamless user experience. With its versatile features and compact design, the Third Rail offers guitarists a powerful tool for shaping their overdrive tones and expanding their sonic capabilities.