Guitar Pedals from FEA Labs

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Photon Fuzz

The Photon Fuzz by FEA Labs is a versatile effects pedal designed for both bass and guitar players. It features a unique design that utilizes infrared light to control the fuzz distortion element. The pedal offers various controls and features, including: \- DRIVE gain (max): +44dB to +54dB \- DRY LEVEL gain (max): +8dB \- EQ Frequencies: LOW 50Hz, HIGH 3KHz or LOW 70Hz, MID 500Hz, HIGH 5KHz \- EQ boost/cut: +/- 14dB to +/- 15dB \- DRY blend LP filter: Full-band, 160Hz, 1600Hz \- OCTAVE LP filter: Full-band, 500Hz, 4000Hz \- Pre-fuzz HP filter: 55Hz, 110Hz, 220Hz \- Maximum Output: 14.5dBu \- Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz -1.5dB @ 20Hz (Bypassed) or 10Hz – 20KHz +/-2dB \- Input Impedance: 1M ohm \- Output Impedance: 1K ohm \- Current Consumption: Approx. 40mA \- Battery Life: Approx. 14 hours continuous use \- Power adapter (optional): 9VDC 2.1mm negative center pin The pedal also includes controls for fuzz, level, 2-band or 3-band EQ, dry blend level, octave distortion level, and ACNR (Active Coring Noise Reduction). Additionally, it features DIP switches for selecting pre-fuzz high-pass filter frequencies, octave distortion high-frequency cut-off, and dry signal blend high-frequency cut-off. The Photon Fuzz is built with a dual rail power supply providing 18Volts (+9V and -9V) to the fuzz circuit board, offering plenty of headroom for the signal. It also utilizes a buffered bypass designed to be very low noise with no tonal coloration. The pedal is housed in a standard Hammond aluminum enclosure and is covered by a 5-year warranty, with foot switches covered for 1 year against defects in material and workmanship.