Guitar Pedals from Durham Electronics

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Durham Electronics's guitar pedals. This catalog serves as your starting point to explore and compare all pedals crafted by Durham Electronics. Designed for easy navigation, we hope you can quickly find detailed information on each pedal, including specifications, user reviews, and demo videos. Whether you're searching for the latest releases, seeking to expand your pedal collection, or exploring options for a specific sound, hopefully Stompbx can assist you in finding exactly what you need.




Overdrive and Boost

Mucho Boosto

The Mucho Boosto by Durham Electronics is a high compression medium gain overdrive pedal designed for players who prefer compression in their drive sound. It features a "Thin" and "Fat" voicing switch, providing options for different tonal characteristics. The pedal is hand-built and wired, with Switch Craft jacks, Alpha full-size potentiometers, and a bright blue LED. It operates using a standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) and draws 10mA. The pedal is not true bypass, but it ensures that the sound is not colored while bypassed. The dimensions of the Mucho Boosto are 2 1/4" x 4 1/4". It comes with a 2-year warranty and is known for its transparent and clear overdrive with rich harmonic content. The newer version of the Mucho Boosto offers 100% more volume and 25% more gain compared to the previous version.

Sex Drive

The Sex Drive by Durham Electronics is a clean boost pedal designed to fulfill the specific needs of musicians. Its features and technical specifications include: \- Totally hand built/wired \- Teflon wire throughout \- Switch Craft jacks \- Alpha full-size potentiometers \- Brightest Blue LED in the business \- Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) \- 2-year warranty \- Sound is NOT colored while bypassed, providing a very transparent, hi-fi sounding, and not altering the original tone \- Not True Bypass - the manufacturer tried true bypass and did not like it \- Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 4 1/4" The pedal is designed to provide additional bottom end and sustain without altering the original quality of the amplifier's natural tone. It is known for its transparency and hi-fi sound, as well as its ability to avoid adding a "nasal" tone.

Zia Drive

The Durham Electronics Zia Drive is a low compression overdrive pedal designed for rhythm guitar players. It aims to eliminate the feeling of sag in the fingers and provide a tight and chimey sound. The pedal is designed to make a 6L6 amp sound like EL84’s and add low-end shine to an EL-34 based amp. Key features include: \- Hand-built and wired \- Teflon wire throughout \- Non-true bypass with a high-quality buffer \- Switch Craft jacks \- Alpha full-size potentiometers \- Bright blue LED indicator \- Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) \- One-year warranty from the manufacturer The Zia Drive is described as smooth, sweet, and transparent, with a clear and singing overdrive suitable for rhythm players. It also functions as a clean boost with a sparkle and can provide a bluesy touch reminiscent of early ‘70s Stones. The Tone control is designed to preserve the low end of the guitar regardless of its setting. The pedal's dimensions are 2 1/4" x 4 1/4". It is not true bypass, and it is reported to be very transparent and hi-fi sounding, not coloring the sound when bypassed.