Guitar Pedals from Deep Trip

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The BOG by Deep Trip is a versatile fuzz pedal that offers a wide range of features and functionalities. It is designed to deliver a wild or tame fuzz, overdrive, boost, and everything in between. The pedal provides full control over fuzzy or tight low end, as well as delicate treble adjustment. It features a Fuzz knob that determines the proportion of dirt and gain added to the guitar's original tone, allowing for a clean sound in some settings and a moderate dose of Austin Blues plug 'n play in others. The Mood knob acts as an external bias control for one of the silicon transistors, allowing for adjustments in power feed, volume, pick attack, and overall sound characteristics. The Mode toggle adds a high impedance cell in front of the fuzz circuit, resulting in a more brilliant and well-defined overall sound with a fast-responding, distortion-like dynamic. The pedal also includes a three-position Voice toggle for filtering bass frequencies and decreasing the overall gain, offering treble boost, classic fuzz, and extra bass options. The BOG is designed to be true bypass and operates with a 9V negative center DC jack, which can be shared with most commercial pedals. Additionally, it includes an external battery drawer for users who prefer battery operation. The pedal is known for its versatility and its ability to cater to a wide range of playing styles and tonal preferences.

Stormy Monday

It features three controls and is capable of covering a broad range of tones, with special tricks to manipulate the frequency spectrum and tone focus. The pedal aims to bring qualities shared by high-quality fuzz units and classic tube amps, offering a dynamic response similar to an excellent tube amplifier. The circuit is designed to alternate soft and hard clipping character, interacting with the intensity of saturation to provide a lively and responsive sound.


The Kryptone by Deep Trip is a fuzz pedal designed to deliver 60's fuzz soul and psychedelic tonebender sounds. It is characterized by a bright, trebly open fuzz that offers tight lows, pointy treble, and a tasty midrange. The pedal is based on the classic first incarnation of the Vox Tonebender and aims to replicate the searing and cutting guitar tones of the psychedelic era. Key features and technical specifications of the Kryptone include: \- LOWS control: Sets the frequency of a hi-pass filter at the input, allowing for a full and grungy sound or the enhancement of trebly, searing tones. \- HIGHS control: Adjusts the high frequency content of the fuzzy sound, offering a range from smooth and round to bright, square wave aggressiveness. \- External transistor BIAS control: Independent from output amplitude, allowing for bias settings to be changed without affecting volume. \- FUZZ control: Offers a range of gain and sustain, allowing for less distorted tones at lower settings and full gain and sustain at maximum settings. \- VOLUME control: Provides ample volume to match bypassed level and offers the ability to saturate subsequent pedals or amps. The pedal operates on a modified Vox Tonebender mkI circuit and is powered by a standard 9V, center negative power supply. It is immune to input impedance issues and can be placed anywhere in a pedal chain, even after buffers. The Kryptone is designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly, with a distinctive extraterrestrial green design. The Kryptone aims to capture the essence of vintage tones while offering modern features and infinite possibilities for guitarists seeking to recreate classic British guitar tones from the 60s and early 70s.


Overdrive and Boost