Guitar Pedals from Dawner Prince Electronics

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Chorus and Vibrato


The Dawner Prince Electronics Viberator is a premium stereo Uni-Vibe type phase shifter with modern options. It features intensity control to adjust the thickness and throb of the vibe effect, speed control to adjust the rate of pulsations, and shape control to modify the waveform. The pedal also includes a chorus/vibrato switch, vintage/modern switch, and brightness trimmer for tone customization. It offers true stereo outputs for a 3D rotating speaker sound and separate volume controls for added versatility. The pedal accepts standard 9V DC power input and utilizes internal reverse power polarity protection circuitry. The power input connector is a 5.5mm / 2.1mm barrel connector with center negative polarity. The power consumption is approximately 75mA, and the pedal's size is 4.4” x 2.3”. The Viberator is handmade in Croatia and utilizes all analog circuitry in a compact design to deliver deep, natural, and watery phase and shivering vibrato sounds. It is designed to provide a balanced rotary tone even at maximum speed settings and offers various sound effects from vintage vibe to new and interesting phaser sounds. The pedal also includes an Exp In for controlling the speed of the effect with an expression pedal, gain and offset controls for setting the intensity range and balance of the effect's sweep, and true bypass switching with a bi-color LED indicator. The Viberator is known for its flexibility and malleable voice, making it suitable for a wide range of guitar-and-amp combinations. It is praised for its high-quality build and compact size, although some users may find the side-mounted output level and brightness controls challenging to adjust on the fly. The Viberator is priced at $299.95 USD and is recommended for Uni-Vibe fans and players with subtle modulation needs, as well as touring professionals and modulation enthusiasts who make the Uni-Vibe sound a cornerstone of their approach.




The RedRox by Dawner Prince Electronics features the following technical specifications: \- Model: DP-0410 \- Input impedance: 1 Mohm \- Output impedance: 1 Kohm \- Power supply: Adapter 9V-18V DC, 9V battery \- Power supply connector type: Barrel, 5.5mm/2.1mm, center negative \- Current draw (typical at 9VDC): ~ 9.5 mA \- Length: 91 mm / 3.58 inch \- Width (W/O jacks): 116 mm / 4.17 inch \- Height (W/O potentiometers): 34 mm / 1.33 inch \- Weight (W/O packaging): 0.245 kg / 0.54 lb \- Weight (with packaging): 0.310 kg / 0.68 lb \- Standard color: Mirror Red The RedRox also includes the following controls: 1\. MASTER (potentiometer) - controls the output volume level 2\. CONTOUR (potentiometer) - controls the frequency emphasis overall 3\. TONE (potentiometer) - controls the frequency emphasis on the highs coming out of the distortion section 4\. PREAMP (potentiometer) - controls the amount of distortion in the signal Additionally, it features a true bypass switching system with a status LED (footswitch) to switch the effect ON and OFF. These specifications and features contribute to the RedRox's capabilities in delivering a range of tones, from ultra-clean to 'grease-melting' distortion, making it a top-quality guitar effect pedal designed with audiophile quality components and a true bypass switching system.


The Diktator by Dawner Prince Electronics is a unique two-channel combination of clean, transparent preamp and full, thick overdrive/distortion that operate independently. The pedal features the Detonator channel, which offers a highly flexible drive ranging from light crunch to tight distortion, with controls for level, bass, treble, drive, and switches for hard/soft and dark/bright tones. The Fuse channel serves as an ultra-transparent preamp that refines the original tone and can provide up to 30dB of boost. Technical specifications include a power input voltage of 9 - 18V, power input connector of 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip), power consumption of approximately 13mA, and a size of 4.4” x 3.5”. The pedal also utilizes improved power supply filtering circuitry, RF rejection filter, smart PCB routing, no-wire design, audiophile-quality components, and a true bypass switching system. The Diktator MKII preamp/boost/overdrive carries a price of $289.95 USD and is available at Dawner Prince Electronics web store and worldwide dealers.

Overdrive and Boost