Guitar Pedals from Black Country Customs

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Chorus and Vibrato


Overdrive and Boost


The TI-Boost by Black Country Customs is a signature boost pedal designed in collaboration with long-time Laney artist Tony Iommi. It replicates the significant bass cut and mid-boost of Tony’s original modified Dallas Arbiter Range Master pedal, with added gain and enhanced EQ options. The pedal features a Drive and Volume control, along with the ability to adjust Low and High frequencies and a three-way mid-switch for tonal versatility. It is powered by either a battery or PSU, housed in a solid metal chassis, and designed for low battery consumption. The pedal also includes true-bypass operation with whisper-silent switching. The item dimensions are 52mm x 93mm x 112mm (HWD), and it weighs 0.55kg. The package includes an instruction booklet and a battery.

Tony Iommi Boost

The Tony Iommi Boost by Black Country Customs, also known as the TI-Boost, is a signature gain pedal designed in collaboration with Tony Iommi. It is used on stage by Tony and replicates the significant bass cut and mid-boost of his original modified Dallas Arbiter Range Master pedal. The pedal features a Drive and Volume control, along with the ability to dial in the Low and High frequencies, as well as a mid-switch that provides different Mid frequency options. The TI-Boost is built with a solid metal chassis construction and can be powered by a battery or PSU. Its specifications include item dimensions of 52mm x 93mm x 112mm (HWD) and an item weight of 0.55kg. Additionally, it has a low battery consumption and comes with an instruction booklet and battery. The pedal is designed to provide the iconic guitar tone recognized for decades around the world by millions.

The Steelpark

The Steelpark by Black Country Customs is a versatile boost pedal with sophisticated and flexible low-gain overdrive capabilities. It features all- analog circuitry with a clean buffered bypass to avoid tonal loss in typical pedalboard setups. The pedal can be powered by a battery or optional PSU with a 9V, Boss-style connector, offering approximately 30 hours of battery life. The control setup includes four knobs and a three-way Mode switch, allowing users to select between three voicings. Mode 1 adds mid boost, mode 2 adds a low-mid boost, and the third mode leaves the voicing flat. The pedal also includes controls for drive, volume, bass, and treble EQ. The Steelpark is designed to work effectively with different amplifiers, offering a natural overdrive that is touch-responsive and slightly compressed. It provides a variety of classic tones and can be used to push the front end of an amp or before other drive pedals. The pedal's three tonal options help match the character of the drive to different pickups, and the bass and treble controls allow for further tone shaping. The pedal is available for purchase at a price of $169.99 and is designed and manufactured by Black Country Customs.


The Secret Path

The Secret Path is a reverb pedal that offers three distinct digital reverb algorithms, including Spring, Secret Path, and Plate effects. It features a four-knob interface labeled P (pre-delay), V (reverb volume), S (space or decay time), and T (tone), as well as a three-way switch to select the reverb modes. Additionally, the pedal has an Enhanced mode that allows for the addition of modulation to the Spring and Plate reverbs, and an octave-up shimmer effect for the Secret Path mode. The pedal also supports the use of an expression pedal to control the wet/dry mix and the mix of the modulation or shimmer effect in Expanded mode. The Secret Path is designed with a buffered bypass to preserve reverb tails and avoid tonal loss when using long cables. It can be powered by an optional external 9V PSU or a standard pedalboard supply.

Secret Path

The Secret Path by Black Country Customs is a reverb pedal with the following technical specifications and features: \- Item dimensions: 59mm x 74mm x 121mm (HWD) \- Carton dimensions: 79mm x 115mm x 158mm (HWD) \- Solid metal chassis construction \- Three different modes: Spring, Plate, and The Secret Path \- Expression pedal control \- Enhanced mode includes modulation \- Tri-color LED for clear visual reference to the pedal's mode \- Silent switching operation \- Excellent consistent load for passive volume pedals \- Item weight: 0.38kg The Secret Path offers crafted reverbs for Spring and Plate, reminiscent of classic amp and studio tones combined with modern sound quality and reliability. Additionally, it provides a deep, dark, mesmerizing ambience with a dynamically evolving shimmer.