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CompIQ Mini Pro Compressor

The CompIQ Mini Pro Compressor by BECOS is an all-analog compressor pedal designed for guitar and bass, hand-built around the top-class 4320 THAT Analog Engine®. It provides essential controls for achieving professional-level audio compression in a compact size. The key features and technical specifications include: \- True analog bypass \- Blackmer® VCA analog compressor \- True RMS-level detector \- Ratio 1:1 – inf:1 (limiter) \- Threshold -40dB to +10dB \- Make-up Gain -20dB to +20dB \- Soft/Hard compression knee \- Fast/Slower dynamic attack and release timings \- Non-linear, easy-slope, high-pass side-chain processing above 1KHz \- Dry/Wet mix \- 5-LED compression display \- Socketed hi-quality FET audio IC, low tolerance parts & WIMA audio capacitors \- MINI-sized, black powdered, genuine aluminum Hammond enclosure \- 9-12 V DC external power supply, center negative, 12mm long barrel plug (not included) \- 3-year warranty The compressor also features a uniquely advanced side chain circuit that provides two compression modes, Feed Forward and Feed-Back, along with a Variable Side Chain Filter. The Dynamic Auto Attack & Release Timing circuitry replaces the need for a dedicated attack switch or manual attack and release controls, offering perfect timings for any playing style. The amount of compression (or gain reduction) is indicated by a responsive 5-LED display, providing visual feedback on the signal reduction during compression. The CompIQ Mini Pro Compressor is designed to preserve the original guitar or bass tone while providing unobstructed, pristine audio compression with a high dynamic range, allowing for natural-sounding tones and low noise, artifact- free audio processing without distortions usually introduced by other compressors.