Guitar Pedals from Bearfoot FX

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Bearfoot FX's guitar pedals. This catalog serves as your starting point to explore and compare all pedals crafted by Bearfoot FX. Designed for easy navigation, we hope you can quickly find detailed information on each pedal, including specifications, user reviews, and demo videos. Whether you're searching for the latest releases, seeking to expand your pedal collection, or exploring options for a specific sound, hopefully Stompbx can assist you in finding exactly what you need.





Octave/Pitch Shifters

Overdrive and Boost

Red Rooster Booster

The Red Rooster Booster by Bearfoot FX is a guitar-friendly, unbuffered boost pedal that adds approximately 33 dB of clean boost to your signal. It intentionally adds more gain in the upper mids to help your guitar cut through a mix, while also adding some presence to avoid turning the sound murky. The pedal is designed to act as a separate gain stage, essentially adding a preamp tube stage to your amp. It intentionally adds more gain in the upper mids to help your guitar cut through a mix, while also adding some presence to avoid turning the sound murky. The Red Rooster Booster is available in different variations, each offering a unique voicing to suit different applications. The pedal is hand-built and hand-painted in the USA, and it is designed to be durable and reliable.

Emerald Green Overdrive

Model G

The Bearfoot FX Model G is an overdrive pedal that captures the unique voice and response of vintage Gibson amps from the 50s/60s. It features controls for Volume, Drive, "Nature" (Bass), and "C", which controls the upper mid and treble while adding a slight amount of compression. The "C" knob is a significant part of the pedal's character, controlling several aspects such as upper mids EQ, snarl, and slight speaker compression. The pedal is handmade and housed in a hand-painted enclosure, with a FET-based tone-shaping stage and a Screamer-like gain stage to simulate preamp distortion. It can be powered with a 9-volt battery or a conventional barrel-type adapter. The Model G is known for its vibey overdrive with a '60s attitude, extreme dynamic range, and many sonic variations. The pedal is designed to evoke the flavor of vintage Gibson combo amps, offering a loose, vibey sort of distortion suitable for bluesy roots-rock and scrappy indie sounds.

Uber Bee

The Uber Bee by Bearfoot FX is a versatile overdrive pedal that offers a wide range of tones, from clean boost to gritty distortion. It features controls for Volume, Drive, Treble, and Nature, allowing users to dial in their preferred settings. The Nature knob works in conjunction with the Drive knob to deliver overdrive that ranges from creamy to muddy. Handmade in St. Louis, MO, the Uber Bee is designed to provide an expanded tonal range compared to other "Bee" models from Bearfoot FX, making it a highly versatile overdrive pedal.

Honey Beest

The Honey Beest by Bearfoot FX is an extension of the classic Honey Bee design, incorporating features such as the addition of saturation and treble to the original design. It offers full control of the distortion saturation and compression, with a pregain booster that includes intentional upper-mid and treble accents for precise adjustment of the gain stages. The pedal operates within a range of 5-15 volts and is designed with ruggedness in mind. The volume knob controls the overall volume without changing the distortion, providing a versatile and dynamic overdrive experience. The pedal is handmade in the USA and features true bypass functionality.