Guitar Pedals from Ashdown

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Ashdown's guitar pedals. This catalog serves as your starting point to explore and compare all pedals crafted by Ashdown. Designed for easy navigation, we hope you can quickly find detailed information on each pedal, including specifications, user reviews, and demo videos. Whether you're searching for the latest releases, seeking to expand your pedal collection, or exploring options for a specific sound, hopefully Stompbx can assist you in finding exactly what you need.

Bass Effects

Velvet Compressor

The Ashdown Velvet Compressor pedal features a simple single control compression, requiring an 18-volt power supply. Its dimensions are 63 x 108 x 120 mm, and it weighs 0.6 kg. The pedal's advanced circuitry allows the "Compact" knob to adjust several parameters simultaneously, including Gain, Ratio, and Threshold, while Attack and Decay are pre-set to suit the passing signal. The pedal is designed to maintain consistent sound dynamics and volume when switched on/off, with the "Input" and "Output" level controls facilitating this. The "Compact" control allows for precise adjustment of compression, ensuring consistency across all notes. The pedal is part of Ashdown's PRO FX range, manufactured in the UK using selected components from top manufacturers, and designed to be powered from a linear isolated 18V supply for optimal signal-to-noise ratio and minimal background noise. The pedal is constructed with robust steel housing and anodized front fascia, featuring genuine Neutrik Jack sockets and a sapphire-colored illuminated LED.

Bass Drive Plus

The Ashdown Bass Drive Plus is a bass-specific distortion unit that provides a wide range of distortion effects. It operates by splitting the bass signal into high and low frequency bands and applying appropriate types of distortion to either one or both. The pedal features separate HF and LF Drive controls with a Balance control to blend the two together, allowing for distortion to be added to the HF signal while maintaining a full and fat bottom end. The technical specifications include: HF Drive filter section: \- Filter frequency: 180Hz \- Filter roll off: 12dB/octave LF Drive filter section: \- Filter frequency: 600Hz \- Filter roll off: 12dB/octave Composite crossover point of the overlapping High and Low pass filters: 250Hz HF Gain: 0 to 60dB LF Gain: 0 to 30dB Input: \- Impedance: 470k Ohms \- Signal level: -10dBv to 0dBv Output: \- Impedance: 10k Ohms \- Signal level variable: -10dBv to 0dBv Supply: \- Internal 9v battery \- External supply: 9v DC adaptor. Centre pin negative The pedal is housed in a durable metal case and features an input level control with an illuminated Ashdown VU meter to allow optimum signal matching. It also includes true bypass switching for zero-colouration of the input signal when the pedal isn't in use.

Bass Envelope Filter

The Ashdown Bass Envelope Filter features a durable metal housing and an input level control with an illuminated Ashdown VU meter for optimal signal matching. It requires an 18V power supply and measures 63 x 108 x 120 mm (H x W x D) with a weight of 0.6 kg. The pedal offers high, low, or blended filter oscillation frequency control, as well as sensitivity adjustment for the amount of effect. Additionally, it provides a switchable triple voltage controlled envelope filter with two filters switchable between high band and mid band, allowing for a wide range of auto-wah and envelope effects. The pedal is designed to be powered from a linear isolated 18V supply to ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio and lowest possible background noise.

Sub-Octave Plus

The Ashdown Sub-Octave Plus is a bass effects pedal that generates a note one octave below the note being played, replicating the original waveform with the same volume. It features a true bypass switching system and a VU meter for input level control. The pedal is housed in a durable metal case and allows for blending the sub-octave note with the original signal. Additionally, distortion can be added to the sub-octave note, with adjustable amount and tonal characteristics. The pedal also includes an output level control for balancing the effect and the true bypass mode.

Triple Shot

The Ashdown Triple Shot is a high-gain bass overdrive pedal that offers complete control and versatility over overdriven tones. It features separate controls for "Dark," "Medium," and "Light" frequencies, allowing precise sculpting of the sound from thick and chunky lows to high-gain trebles. The pedal splits the incoming signal into three distinct frequency bands ("Dark," "Medium," and "Light") and feeds them into three distortion generators. Each band has its own "Roast" control for setting the level before being recombined into a full signal for the output. With the "Roast" controls set all the way to the left, the pedal functions as a simple, independent EQ. The pedal requires a minimum of 9 volts with a 45mA draw, center pin negative (power supply not included). The dimensions of the pedal are 145.50 x 116.20 x 65 mm, and it weighs 1.15 kg.



Octave/Pitch Shifters

Overdrive and Boost

Power Utilities

Dr. Green The Doctor's Note

The Dr. Green The Doctor's Note by Ashdown is an analog envelope filter pedal designed for bass guitar. It features simple rotary controls for adjusting oscillating frequencies, allowing users to dial in the desired frequency range with the Q control. The sensitivity and decay controls tailor the nature of the effect, while the mix control allows for control over the wet/dry signal. The pedal also offers true bypass switching and is housed in a custom-designed steel casing for durability. The specifications include controls for Ratio, Input, and Output, and it can be powered by 9-volt batteries or a 9V DC adaptor. The dimensions are 67 x 55 x 123 mm, and it features a 1/4 inch jack for both input and output.

Dr. Green Hairy Tongue

The Dr. Green Hairy Tongue by Ashdown is a vintage fuzz pedal designed with outrageously dynamic features. It is filled with thick, lush fuzz tones, ranging from lightly boosted to huge fat fuzz full of rich harmonics. The pedal features true bypass switching and is housed in a custom-designed steel casing. The dimensions of the pedal are 61mm x 67mm x 130mm, and it weighs 0.48 kg. The controls include Volume and Fuzz, and it features a power indicator LED. The pedal is hand-built in Essex, UK, and is part of the Dr. Green pedal series, known for providing inspiring tone and constructed using high-quality components.

Dr. Green The Bearded Lady

The Ashdown Dr. Green Bearded Lady is a bass fuzz pedal that offers a powerful and versatile performance. It features a design that splits the signal into low and high fuzz, providing complete control over the tone. Users can boost the low fuzz for substantial low-end dirt and adjust the high fuzz control to find the right place for definition. The pedal allows for a wide range of fuzz tones, from subtle clipping to full-on nuclear fuzz. It also includes true bypass switching and is housed in a custom-designed steel casing for durability. The technical specifications include a voltage requirement of 9 volts and a weight of 540 grams. The pedal is designed in the UK and produced in China.

Dr. Green The Black Death

Dr. Green The Cubicle

The Dr. Green The Cubicle by Ashdown is a reverb pedal designed to add depth to your sound. It features simple wet and dry controls, allowing for a wide range of reverb tones. The pedal is built with true bypass switching and housed in a custom-designed steel casing for durability. The Cubicle is suitable for players seeking a high quantity yet easy-to-use reverb pedal for their setup.

Dr. Green Octa Dose

The Dr. Green Octa Dose by Ashdown is a versatile octave pedal designed for bass. It expands on Ashdown's sub harmonizer technology, offering a flexible and fun pedal for bass players. The pedal features true bypass switching and is housed in a custom-designed steel casing for durability. The Direct control allows for adjusting the amount of clean bass signal, while the Octave control adjusts the amount of low-octave signal. The dimensions of the pedal are approximately 67mm wide and 129mm high. The pedal is designed to deliver anything from subtle thickening undertones to full-on sub synth bass, making it a valuable addition to a bass player's setup.



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