Guitar Pedals from A/DA

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Amp Modelers and Cab Sims


The A/DA GCS-2 is a guitar cabinet simulator and DI box designed for guitar players and sound engineers seeking high-quality analog solutions for live sound reinforcement systems, stage monitors, and recording electric guitar. It replicates the low-frequency natural resonance of a guitar speaker cabinet at loud volumes, particularly noticeable in the sealed cabinet configuration. Key Specifications: \- Selectable 10” or 12” Speaker Size \- Selectable VINTAGE (Alnico) or MODERN (Ceramic) Speaker Character \- Selectable OPEN BACK or SEALED Cabinet Type \- Variable MICROPHONE PLACEMENT Control for deep or bright frequency response \- ¼” phone jack INPUT with a direct, un-buffered PASS THROUGH ¼” phone jack \- XLR Balanced Output with selectable LINE or MIC LEVEL Output and GROUND LIFT for Pin 1 \- Pure Analog Circuit Design using thru-hole, low-noise components \- Rugged all-steel chassis with durable powder coat finish \- Powered by a single industry standard 9VDC AC Adapter, running internally at 18 volts for higher headroom and lower noise \- Dimensions: Width: 3.35″ Length: 4.2″ Depth: 1.8″ \- Designed and manufactured in California The GCS-2 is ideally suited for live performance and studio applications, offering a solution to eliminate bleed through or crosstalk from other instruments or amplifiers in live situations. It can split the output of the APP-1 guitar pedal preamp for sending the signal to a guitar amplifier and a mixing console for recording, house sound systems, and stage monitor systems. The product is designed and manufactured in California, featuring a rugged all-steel chassis with a durable powder coat finish. It is powered by a single industry standard 9VDC AC Adapter, running internally at 18 volts for higher headroom and lower noise.



Overdrive and Boost